I am a first-year CSE(Math) Ph.D. student at Georgia Tech. Prior to joining GATech, I did my M.Phil. in Math at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, where I was advised by Prof. Ronald Lui.("Chinese" here means the language. But, no, we conduct all our lectures and tutorials in English. Confusing, right? Sorry, only her alumni or current students may complain.) I did my bachelors at the Hong Kong Univesity of Science and Technology.

My research interest includes but not limited to Image Processing, Computer Vision and Machine Learning. As a first-year Ph.D. student, I am looking for supervisors from MATH or CSE department who are interested in these areas.


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Decomposition of Longitudinal Deformations via Beltrami Descriptors(preprint)
Ho Law, Ronald Lok Ming Lui, Alex Chun Yin Siu
arXiv, 2020
arXiv / code

Extracting abnormal motion from the normal via pursuing the low-rank and sparse component of Beltrami Descriptors.

CNN-Driven Quasiconformal Model for Large Deformation Image Registration(preprint)
Ho Law, Ronald Lok Ming Lui, Jeffrey Ka Chun Lam
arXiv, 2020
arXiv /

Combining Typical Classification Network and Mathematical Models to Perform Large Deformation Image Registration.